Effective November 24, 2020

At API, the safety and well-being of our employees, athletes, and patrons has always been our top priority. In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our mission continues to be to provide a safe environment for the best youth sports programs, camps, and facilities in the state of Maryland. 

API’s current COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines continue to evolve with the ever-changing State and local government mandates and requirements. Please see below for our current health and safety guidelines and operational procedures.

Operational Capacity

  1. Operational Capacity: While the current State of Maryland mandate requires all Fitness Centers and Indoor Recreation Centers to operate at fifty (50) percent capacity, API will be operating at a twenty-five (25) percent capacity for all the separate areas/buildings of our campus including the Sports Hall, Air Dome, Flex Courts, Sports Performance Center(s), Meeting Room and Lobby/Front Desk areas.
    Operational Capacity
  2. Face Coverings: All athletes, coaches and organizational staff must wear a face covering while entering and exiting API facilities and walking to/from the parking areas. Face coverings are required at all times while indoors including during training/practice unless the use of a face covering is likely to cause a bona fide safety risk to that athlete/coach.
    Physical Distancing
  3. Physical Distancing: Practice/training agendas must promote physical distancing (greater than 6’) and avoid contact. High fives and handshakes or other close contact activities are prohibited.
  4. Spectators: Due to the close quarters nature of our indoor facilities, we have made the difficult decision to prohibit spectators during the winter season (November 2020-March 2021). Athletes, coaches, and organizational staff are the only members who may attend practices and/or training programs. Parents/guardians will not be permitted to observe practice and/or training programs.
  5. Schedule: To prevent high volumes of people gathering at one time, we will be implementing a fifteen (15) minute transition period between each team/organization’s training/practice. Team/organizations are permitted to enter the building(s) five (5) minutes before the start of their scheduled training/practice and must exit the building(s) within (5) minutes of training/practice completion.
  6. Hygiene: API strongly recommends that all coaches and players carry a personal/individual bottle of hand sanitizer to use before, during and after training/practice. There are also hand sanitizing stations throughout API’s facilities, and we encourage all athletes, coaches, and organizational staff to use them frequently.

Stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you at API soon!

Thank you, 

API Leadership Team 

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