Home School Physical Education Classes

Who? Home School children, ages 6-14
What? ASKA Home School PE Classes
When? Winter 2020 Session: January 10 – March 13, 2020. Fridays, 10:00am-11:00am.
Week 1: Soccer/Doctor Dodgeball
Week 2: Tennis/Flag Snag
Week 3: Handball/Corner Collect
Week 4: Nuke'm/Nitroball
Week 5: Wiffle Ball/Hula Hoop Showdown
Week 6: Basketball/Army Dodgeball
Week 7: Kickball/Grouch Island
Week 8: Floor Hockey/Pac Man Tag
Week 9: Lacrosse/Hunger Games
Week 10: Favorite Sport/Favorite Game
Price 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child
 10 week program  $95  $80  $60
 Drop-in sessions  $12  $10  $8


Notes: Parents may drop off their children or stay to watch the class. Our meeting room is available for parents to use as a study hall. There’s also plenty to do in the surrounding area, including restaurants and shopping at Waugh Chapel shopping centers.

If you would like to schedule a specialized program for your home school group, please contact Steve Lewis.

QUESTIONS? Contact Amy Shaffer at amy@athleticperformanceinc.com or (410) 923-2100.


Winter 2019 Jr. Tennis Clinics

Beginners (Wednesday) Beginners (Friday) Intermediate/Advanced *(Friday)

For more information, contact Amy Shaffer at amy@athleticperformanceinc.com or (410) 923-2100.

All Sport Kids Academy

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