We have partnered with QuickFeet Soccer for Kids to offer your young ones an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of soccer! Coordinated by Coach Justin Reid, athletes will be introduced to the fundamentals of the sport in fun, interactive ways. Each age group will be focused on the developmental stage the child is at.

Quickfeet Soccer


Class Information- 

Age 2:
Balance – At this age, it is very common for children to use their hands to pick up the soccer ball. So, we help them to balance cones on top of their head, and put their foot on top of the ball, along with other exercises to help them to improve their balance.

Fundamentals – It is very important that children dribble the soccer ball a lot at this age. We help them to improve their technique on the ball by playing several fun games with an end result, a GOAL!!!!

Listening – We play several fun games to help your child to develop their listening skills. “Follow the Leader”, and “I can do this”, are just a couple of games that use to help children to follow directions.

Age 3:
Coordination – At this age, it is very common for children to fall down a lot because they are learning how to improve their coordination and to run. To solve this problem, we play many fun games to help to improve coordination including standing on one foot and hopping.

Technique – At this age children should be playing with the ball a lot during their sessions. We play many games to help them to improve their technique such as “Dribble Tag” and “Get the Coach”.

Games – Prior to the end of every session we always finish with a game and GOALS!! At this age, it is very difficult for most children to understand the concept of playing with only one ball, so we separate the teams and introduce multiple soccer balls with one objective in mind. SCORE GOALS!

Ages 4/5:
Sportsmanship – At this age instilling sportsmanship is important to the growth of a child. Kids tend to be extremely hyperactive as most are being introduced to a pre-school/kindergarten environment for the first time. At the end of every practice, we have the kids give each other a high-five and tell each other good practice. Teaching them what TEAM means at a young age will help them throughout their lives.

Technique – The kids can learn a bit more technique at this age. We work with them a lot on turning with the soccer ball and changing the pace. We also introduce them to juggling the soccer ball, with their feet of course. J

Games – Half of our practice times are filled with playing games. At this age, it is important that kids play a lot because it will help to instill competition. You will notice that our coaches don’t say much when they play because it is not time for instruction, but time for the kids to translate their instruction into a game, it’s THEIR time.


For more information contact Coach Justin Reid, jreid@nactmacademy.com.

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