This program is designed to help collegiate athletes prepare to perform at optimal performance level during their seasons. Coaches will measure strength, speed, power, and agility through testing activities such as the 40-yard dash, max vertical jump, 1-rep max lifts, and more.

Athletes can expect to spend adequate time on the field sharpening their sprinting and change-of-direction techniques, as well as ample time in the weight room developing necessary strength and power. Coaches will ensure that all athletes are proficient in form with their movements before progressing in load or intensity. 


Sport Performance Classes Spring 2023

"I have been doing the Collegiate strength and conditioning program at API for awhile now and I have loved every minute of it. The coaches there are all super nice and helpful. They have helped me find other ways to workout when I have been injured so I don't make my injury worse. The other college students there are also great. API has been a great experience for me and I would definitely recommend it to whoever is reading this" - Logan
All athletes must hold an ACTIVE session package to participate in any listed Train 2 Win session. Each session package holds a 90-day window to be utilized starting from the day of purchase. Each athlete must hold their own session-package, and cannot share with any other athlete.

For more information on API’s Collegiate program, contact Danny Locklear at or (443) 343-0133..

Train 2 Win Sports Performance


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