API's Collegiate Strength and Conditioning program is designed to help athletes improve their overall athletic performance to prepare them for their upcoming sport seasons. Whether you are a college athlete or a graduating high school senior, our program will highlight your strong points and identify and improve upon your weaknesses.  

The strength portion of the collegiate program focuses on "bulletproofing" our athletes by utilizing a training system that promotes muscular growth, joint mobility and stability, and movement pattern education. 
The speed and agility portion of the program transfers all of the patterns we emphasize in the weight room to the field. We work on increasing power output, absolute and starting speed, and rapid change-in-direction. 
For summer break, winter break, and individualized program options, API offers collegiate athletes: 
  • Experienced and Qualified Coaches
  • State-of-the-Art Training Facilities
  • Goal Oriented Program Design
  • Comprehensive Athlete Evaluation

Collegiate Strength and Speed Fall 2021


For more information on any of our Sports Performance training programs or to schedule a Private Tour and Information Meeting, contact Sports Performance Director Danny Locklear at 410.923.2100 x5 or dlocklear@athleticperformanceinc.com.


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