Sports Performance


We offer professionally guided training programs to athletes ages 7 and up including JuniorMiddle SchoolHigh SchoolCollegiate / Professional athletes. Our training programs incorporate:

  • Age-Appropriate Strength Training
  • Multi-Directional Agility
  • Core Stabilization and Strength
  • Speed Development
  • Dynamic Flexibility
  • Injury Prevention

Our Sports Performance training programs accommodate individual athletes, groups of athletes, or the entire team. Team Training programs are offered on-site at API or off-site at the team's practice location or facilities.

Why Train with api?

 Our Mission
To encourage and motivate athletes of all ages and skill levels to achieve their athletic potential through participation in a comprehensive, scientifically-based performance training program.

 Our Training Philosophy
Our Train to Win philosophy is more than just the latest research and training principles. We dedicate ourselves to motivating athletes to not only excel as athletes, but to realize their personal potential and develop the skills they'll need to succeed in life.

 Our Competitive Advantage
Like all great athletes, the API coaching staff possesses a certain drive, commitment, ambition, passion and desire for achievement. Unlike the athletes that we train, we do not apply these traits to help us win games, score goals or make the game winning shot.

 Our Coaching Staff
API has a team of highly educated, qualified, and motivated coaches that truly understand how to optimize an athlete's performance through strength and conditioning.

 Our Facilities
State-of-the-art training facilities allow our athletes to maximize their training outcome without restrictions. Our Sports Performance Coaches utilize over 90,000 sq ft of indoor and outdoor training facilities.

For more information on any of our Sports Performance training programs or to schedule a Private Tour and Information Meeting, email or call 410.923.2100.